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Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame
  • Nielsen Aluminium Frame

Nielsen Aluminium Frame

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Fine Art print in is Nielsen Aluminium Frame

Dimensions (cm) : 30x40 ; 40x50 ; 50x60 ; 60x80

For specific information, please contact me

Where to find your image SKU?

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  • 3. Finally, come back to this page and select your image SKU in the section: *Image
  • Certificate of authenticity ARTtrust:

    All photographs are from a series limited to 10 copies, numbered, signed and secured with an ARTtrust Bubble Seal™. You also can quickly and easily verify the origin and authenticity of a picture entering its unique reference number directly on ARTtrust web site:

    certificate of authenticity ARTtrust, nans clerc photography

    Pigment inkjet printing on EPSON P20 000:

    Pigment print or piezography on Fine Art paper mounted on 1 mm Dibond plate. The Fine Art paper of your choice is mounted on a Dibond plate using a neutral double-sided adhesive tape. Print quality remains the same than the original print, the rendering is sublimated by the fact that everything is perfectly flat, and by the fixing. Different Fine Art paper are available for different rendering, classic or artistic.

    Art prints necessarily involve the use of pigment ink, for the rendering quality and their preservation over time. The dye ink (commonly used) is a synthetic ink, less expensive and more fragile. It should not be used for Fine Art prints because the micron-size dye dissolves in the solvent and soaks the paper. The pigment ink, composed of organic pigments (larger than a conventional dye ink) and surrounded by synthetic resin, is much more resistant to light and air. The pigments are deposited on the paper, dry and adhere to the support without penetrating the paper. On the other hand, a conventional printer only uses four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) while a professional photo printer uses a much larger number. Thus, the Epson SureColor SC-P20000 has ten inks including three levels of gray, a matte black and a glossy black. With a pigment ink print, colors are undeniably more vivid, very dense, and this ink brings sharpness to the image. Blacks are deep and Whites are bright, chiseled and nuanced.

    Fine Art Papers

    A Fine Art print requires some specific printing techniques to sublimate the image and get high quality. It also requires the combination of three elements to enhance the photography and improve its longevity: Fine Art paper; pigment inks; professional-quality work. Because it is not always easy to choose the Fine Art paper that will definitely highlight your print: I strongly advise you to trust me! For each print, I select for you the paper that best reveals the atmosphere of each image.

    If you have any preference then do not hesitate and choose yourself the type of paper on which your print will be printed. Here are some quick tips to guide you:

    For an intense glossy rendering on Fine Art paper I recommend the baryta paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315g. For a slightly glossy, deep and dense Blacks, I recommend the Canson Infinity Baryta prestige 340g paper. For a matte rendering that does not reflect light, offers warm and soft tones, I recommend the paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305g. In the same spirit but for a whiter and more contrasted rendering Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White 310g paper is an excellent choice. For an artistic rendering I guide you to Awagami Unryu 55g, in natural fiber of mulberry tree it brings a sensual and subtle touch to your image. Or the Hahnemühle William Turner 310g with a fine and very pronounced texture offers a resolutely artistic touch, an impeccable color rendering and deep Blacks.

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    Weight 2.05 Kilogram